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Booking related questions

Payment related questions

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Booking related questions

What is the difference between online and offline booking?

Online booking means that the desired boat and date can be booked on the spot: using your credit card you recieve the booking confirmation in 2minutes. Only those boats can be booked online for which the lessor makes certain that availability is always up-to-date. Offline booking means that availability is not 100% up-to-date therefore confirmation from lessor is necessary to continue with the booking which may take 1-2 days. You'll get an email with the confirmation. Naturally our aim is to convince more and more lessors to keep availability up-to-date to enable you to decide and book on the spot.


Why only 1 booking is possible at a time?

Security reasons: for lessors' request one user can have only one booking request at a time. To start another booking you should pay or cancel the first request or call us for multiple or special booking.


Booking process - How does it work?

After browsing through the options and available slots you need to log in, and register if needed, to proceed with the booking. The necessary prepayment is on the boat page (usually 30-50% of total fee) you'll need to pay this amount to have your booking confirmed while the rest of the amount should be paid later according to the contract (14-30days prior rental period). During the booking you may add or change your billing details, as well you can select the payment method (bank transfer or credit card). Right after successfull payment you'll recieve confirmation email with the details of your booking.


Can i book a boat without driving licence?

Yes, you can, the renter and the driver (skipper) can be 2 different person. Furhter more at most of the places you can ask for a skipper if you need. On the other hand the boat can be taken over and can leave the port only with a skipper with the right licence.


What do the pictograms mean?

Hoover the mouse over the pictogram and you'll see the tag.


What does the score of a boat mean?

The score is the feedback of previous renters, score 10 means maximum satisfaction. Each renter can give a feedback after booking with bookaboat. The final score has more components: (1) Lessor (smooth paperwork, boat takeover, skipper, etc.), (2) Equipments of the boat (quality of sails, compulsary equipments, etc.), (3): Comfort (extras, kitchen equipments, etc.), (4) Tidiness (outside, inside). A magical formula (weighted average) will result the final score.

Your written opinion is also welcome and will appear on the page of the boat.


How can i connect the person who will give me the boat?

After successful booking you'll recieve the contacts of the lessor (email, phone, etc.). Separately we share your contacts with the lessor who will contact you soon after your booking.


Payment related questions

Can I trust credit card payment?

Credit card payment is through a secured bank system managed by CIB Bank (member of Intesa Sanpaolo group). You pay your booking on CIB bank's page and we only get the result of the payment (success or failure). We do not recieve and do not store your credit card details.


How can I pay?

You can pay your booking via both credit card or bank transfer. In case of credit card payment you have 15 minutes to finish the booking while in case of bank transfer your booking is kept reserved for 2 days. In case you do international bank transfer please send us an email after you initiated the payment to make sure we keep your reservation.


What is in the price?

The price you see on the site contains the total rental fee including VAT, as well at booking it contains the prepayment also including VAT. The difference between the rental fee and prepayment must be settled later (by the deadline of the lessor's general conditions or latest at the take over). Any extras and the deposit must be settled separately, compulsory extras are listed on the page of the boat.


What documents I recieve after payment?

After the arrival of the prepayment you'll immediately recieve a confirmation email and separately via normal post you will recieve the invoice.


What happens if the boat I selected is not available for me on the due date?

In this case the lessor can offer another boat with at least the same conditions. If the lessor cannot do that you have to recieve twice of the prepaid amount. In case any issue happens, please turn to us and we help you to settle the situation and initiate any legal steps if necessary.


Do I need to pay anything else (extras)?

It can happen, especially on Adriatic see. Compulsory extras are listed on the page of the selected boat, typical item is the transit log (or cleaning fee), cost of petrol used or tourist tax. On top you may also need extra - not compulsary - services such as skipper, dinghi or spinakker which are to be paid separately. We aim to list these optional extras though if you have any special request don't hesitate to turn to us or to the lessor after booking.


What is the deposit and when to be paid? What is the deposit insuarance?

The deposit is to be paid at the take over to the lessor and you'll recieve it back in case no damage is made on the boat. The deposit is a reserve for any damage made inside or outside of the boat, loss of any equipment such as life vests or bouys. The amount of deposit can be found on the page of the selected boat. In case you don't fint it please ask for it prior booking. Increasingly common solution is deposit insuarance which means instead of leaving a deposit at the lessor you pay an insuarance in which case you need to pay a significantly smaller amount on the other hand no money is returned even if you avoid any damage to the boat.


Other questions

What do I need to do at take over?

You need to check the boat thoroughly and do the necessary paperwork. Make sure that the quality of the sails and ropes are sufficient: even on the best and newest boat there can be such a damage caused by the previous renter which can cause nasty surprise or even an accident in bad weather. Don't accept a boat with major risks. Also check the listed tools (blankets, kitchen equipments, etc.) and note it beforehand not to loose part of your deposit at return.

Latest at this point in time you need to pay the rest of the rental fee and both paties need to sign the rental contract if not yet done, as well the deposit must be handed over. Keep either the contract or a rental notice with you on board for any potential police control.


How can I know the content of the rental contract before booking?

You can find the contract for the selected boat on the page of boat. The contract may be in the local language of the lessor, please let us know if you need an English version.


What happens if the you cannot bring back the boat to the right port by the end of the rental period?

Please call the lessor on time and arrange a potential solution otherwise please refer to the rental contract.


What happens if I cannot take over the boat because of the lessor's fault?

The lessor should notice you on time and find you a boat with similar or better conditions. In case no acceptable boat is offerred the lessor need to pay back twice the prepaid amount. Please also consult the rental contract of the selected boat (you can find it on the page of the boat).

In case any issue happens, please turn to us and we help you to settle the situation and initiate any legal steps if necessary.


What happens if I cannot take over the boat?

Unfortunately in this case you loose the paid amount. Even in this case please call the lessor as soon as possible, in timely noticeyou may find a solution to reuse the amount paid at another time. 


What happens if I cannot use the boat during the entire rental period and didn't leave the port i.e. due to bad weather.?

Unfortunatley neither lessors nor anyone else can guarantee the weather for you. This is your risk.


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